Most UGs (including some in the Bay Area) emphasize Linux on the server and HPC or web scripting languages,  BerkeleyLUG tries to create a community of people who use Linux primarily on the desktop, laptop and mobile phones (We loves us some Android).  We have several ongoing / completed projects:

  • We provide an environment for new users to get help and get Linux installed.  Since, May 2009, we have installed Linux for more than 19 new users and counting.
  • We encourage users to register and share their experiences by posting using a simple subset of HTML.
  • BerkeleyLUG will run a Linux Open-Source-Software Booth at the Solano Stroll.  We hope that the Vinyl Banner and Brochures produced will be helpful for other groups.



  • The PDF and Source Files for the banner and two brochures can be found in Our Contributions Directory Feel free to use and modify these files for any purpose and in any way.


Tux Globe Icon Originally by lilitux: TuxFactory

SUSE Icon:

Ubuntu Icon From:

Other Artwork for banner licensed under GPL or Public Domain (Tux Icon).

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