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Where to Buy a Preinstalled Linux Desktop / Laptop

Posted on Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 6:12 pm by jdeslip

The hardest part of using Linux is often installing it.  Over the last couple of years, Linux has come a long way in terms of hardware support, and these days it is relatively rare that an installation of ubuntu/fedora will be lacking any drivers for your machine. However, installing any OS can still sometimes be a tedious task and one that scares the wits out of the average computer user. And, for the expert users out there, it’s just more fun to buy a computer with Linux already on it and not have to pay the Microsoft tax – even, if you are going to put your favorite distro on it anyway.  You can find Linux servers sold all sort of places, but where can you find Linux desktops for sale? Here is a list of places I have had good experiences with or have had heard good things about directly:



I bought a laptop (1420) from dell with ubuntu preinstalled.  It showed up and all of the hardware immediately worked flawlessly: webcam, wifi, suspend/resume, audio, compiz etc…  The good thing about buying a dellbuntu, as opposed to a computer from Best Buy, is you can be absolutely sure that everything will be supported.  Beyond piece of mind, buying an ubuntu machine from Dell sends a message to the big manufactures that there is a demand for Linux and Linux support on their computers.



ZaReason is a local Berkeley company that sells preinstalled Ubuntu desktops and laptops all over the world.  They also sell Ubuntu swag such as case badges to replace any “powered by windows” stickers on your old computers (of which I have bought to give away at our meetings).  The prices start low and the computers are available with many customizations.  Whenever you buy a machine from ZaReason, they include a screwdriver in your package, letting you know that you are free to tinker with your computer.  If you want a preinstalled Ubuntu computer with great Linux support and would rather promote a small Linux only dealer than a big corporation like Dell, consider ZaReason.  I intend to buy my next computer from them.



Like ZaReason, System76, sells preinstalled Ubuntu Laptops / Desktops (and now they have their very own netbook).  They were one of the first companies to sell their own Linux systems and have a large user and support community (including their own forum at ubuntuforums).  Hardware support is flawless and they have a wide array of machines designed for everyday users, to business laptops to servers.  I have never had experience with a System76 machine, but have heard nothing but good things.



Unlike System76 and ZaReason, EmperorLinux does not create their own computers.  They get high-end computers from Dell/Lenovo (including several tablet options) and install Linux on them for you.  These are great for power users who want a high end (or business) machine with Linux on it.   But, it does not have the advantage of being a true Linux computer from start to finish.


Linux certified also sells some preinstalled Linux laptops/desktops. I know very little about these machines, but they are worth looking into before you decide on a purchase.



Since the EeePC, a lot of netbooks have flooded the market, most with a Linux option.  I own and love the EeePC 901.  It originally came with a somewhat lame Linux distro based on Xandros.  However, I have installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it, and it is a great little Linux laptop.  Here are EeePC Linux options available at Amazon.Com:

HP SUSE Probook

Finally, it looks like HP  is getting back into the game…

Additions from the Comments:

Puget Systems – Looks like they sell both Linux and Windows custom PCs.

Pioneer Computers (Australia) – Live in Australia?  Try this.

Los Alamos Linux – One of the oldest Linux sellers.  Looks like they are similar to EmperorLinux in that they mod Lenovo’s for example.

Affordy – Looks like another company similar to System76 and ZaReason.  Nice to have options – good review below in comments.



IndaMixx Recommended in email.  Looks like a nice portable multimedia system.


Diverse Technologies


Also, as one of the commenters kindly pointed out, has a list of some vendors (though, since they are missing most of my original suggestions, it is certainly no master list):

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  2. Laurent Says:

    The link to system76 actually goes to zareason

  3. Enculp Says:

    Hi, discriminative posts there :-) thank’s concerning the gripping word

  4. Larry Says:

    I just received my system the other day from Puget Systems. They pre-installed my PC with Ubuntu. I chose them because they offered the best and latest components — even a Blu-Ray player which I use with VLC. Most importantly, the PC works flawlessly and the build quality is superb!

  5. Darrin Ritter Says: in australia is the only one I have found so far :_

  6. zelrik Says:

    We tried to do a Wiki page on that :

    You are welcomed to complete it.

  7. irright Says:

    Here’s another.

  8. irright Says:

    Here’s one.

  9. ron1211 Says:

    Affordy ( sells laptops, desktops and netbooks with Linux pre-installed. The computer line is TITAN and it comes pre-installed with the TITAN LEV distro. In addition they sell TITAN LEV as a stand alone. This distro is designed to work seamlessly in both Windows and Linux environments. It combines the advantages of Open Source with the best Windows compatibility.

  10. nonya Says:

    The very first line is incorrect. Linux is much easier (and quicker) to install than Windows. Usually, just boot from the live CD/DVD, click on install, trpe a username and password (to be set up on the system), and thats it. 15 minutes (or less) later you have a fully functioning OS installed!

  11. wwwpirate Says:

    Author is a moron. Article was written without any research and knowledge of the subject. That is difference between real journalism and web. Difference between professionals and anyone who wants to write about anything. Where is eRacks ?
    Just go to and you’ll find most of them.

  12. zelrik Says:

    @ wwwpirate : There is no need to flame. Insulting people that are trying to help is not a wise move.
    Your links are nice but they’ll be more useful in a wiki (like the one I posted, even though I wish there were more trafic there) than in a comment.

  13. jdeslip Says:

    wwwpirate: this is not an encyclopedia or directory service. My original suggestions were a list of vendors that I either have direct experience with or have a heard great things about over the years from people I know. I have added your suggestions. I would point out that most of my original list is not included at that site; so, it isn’t really a complete reference. Note, also that I was not really looking for places that specialize in servers. I realize now that eracks does both. Will keep them in mind. I like the Ubuntu wiki page suggested by Zelrik and will try to add to that.

  14. Shannon VanWagner Says:

    Here’s the links I use:


    Shannon VanWagner

  15. stlouisubntu Says:

    This is a small business which sells ubuntu desktop pre-installs. My father purchased one and these are quality built machines and the support is good.

  16. Links 25/05/2009: Preinstalled GNU/Linux, KDE 4.3 Previews | Boycott Novell Says:

    […] Where to Buy a Preinstalled Linux Desktop/Laptop The hardest part of using Linux is often installing it. Over the last couple of years, Linux has come a long way in terms of hardware support, and these days it is relatively rare that an installation of ubuntu/fedora will be lacking any drivers for your machine. However, installing any OS can still sometimes be a tedious task and one that scares the wits out of the average computer user. And, for the expert users out there, it’s just more fun to buy a computer with Linux already on it and not have to pay the Microsoft tax – even, if you are going to put your favorite distro on it anyway. You can find Linux servers sold all sort of places, but where can you find Linux desktops for sale? Here is a list… […]

  17. Adey Says:

    Its simple to install Linux distros like Ubuntu or gOS – actually if you can’t do it, Linux is probably not for you.

  18. IanM Says:

    In Australia, besides Pioneer Computers (mentioned above) you can also buy an inexpensive netbook from – they only come with gOS (an Ubuntu derivative running a version of Enlightenment) – there is no Windows version (see and Kogan points out that the netbooks are compatible with other versions of Linux too.

    I did once see a cheap HP desktop computer for sale at an online retailer with Red Hat pre-installed. A rarity, but it does happen. If you go to and search for linux, then search through the pages until you reach prices starting around $268 (currently about page 8), then you will find a range of Linux computers for sale in Australia from a wide variety of online retailers: eeepc, Acer Aspire One, Asus E-box, and the occasional HP box, for instance. They are mixed up with software for Linux, so you have to search carefully to find hardware with pre-installed Linux. You will need to look at a number of the following pages to find all the other Linux boxes available.

  19. Kool65 Says:

    Also in Sydney Australia is Systems can be supplied with Mandriva, Ubuntu, Redhat, Suse and Others. Most systems are supplied with nVidia graphics and Intel Chipset.

  20. Jason Says:

    These sites are cool but there most of there latptops are more expensive than the windows ones desktops seem less expensive. The good part is that you don’t have to hassle with the install process. So, yes would buy one. The key thing is not about the product you buy but about the service you get if they have better service than the windows oem people then they would be the better choice.

  21. Jacques Says:

    You still got to be careful. Buying a preinstalled Linux machine takes care of one of the biggest problems in userland: you’ve got hardware that has drivers, and it all just works at first. But you still have to look at what you’re buying. And they generally are more expensive even without the MS tax. I got a Compal laptop from one of these companies above (I think the “manufacturer” does some assembly and then resells), and it was a lemon. I’m sure all the big names ship lemons from time to time, but the fact that Linux is involved doesn’t overturn the “buyer beware” thing.

  22. ssam Says:

    another good international list

  23. Eric Says:

    I got my Ubuntu 9.04 system at, also known as cooltechpc.
    It’s a small company which specializes in building quiet computers, and they will install in OS you like.
    Select linux and they deduct $72 from the price.
    I am very happy with the computer, it is exactly as promised.
    I’m getting some cracking in the speakers, but I believe that is a known sound bug.

  24. Craig Says:

    Applied Intellect in Kalamazoo, MI builds custom systems, including any linux distro you ask for. As a bonus, 100% of the profits go to support science education.

  25. Howard Says:

    I had a very positive experience with Los Alamos Computers .

    Got Slack 12.2 preinstalled on a nice desktop just the way I wanted it.

  26. Eurojake Says:

    What about ? I am thinking of buying from them, anyone have experience with them?

  27. Dana in Philly Says:

    You can get the HP Mini 2140 with Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop pre-installed. Just use the phone ordering system on the website. It’s a custom build but it’s available, and it’s easy. Once you get the netbook, put Fedora 10 on as a dual boot.

  28. Kamlapati Says:

    Linux Certified is almost local to you, Silicon Valley anyway.

    I bought a laptop from them three years ago and it has been great to me. It still stands up well to my new laptop. The L.C. service is great and they sell top notch gear.

  29. A.Lizard Says:

    Installing Linux on a netbook is easy assuming the internal hardware has driver support. Installing it on a netbook whose OEM will void the warranty if the hardware shows up with a problem and its OS isn’t on it is a lot more problematic, the workaround is to install the OS to a flash card in the internal reader, which is much more problematic. shows how I did it, part 2 of the article deals with customization unnecessary if one installs Kubuntu Jaunty as I did recently. (Ubuntu Intrepid required a hacked kernel version, apps installed, and some work done on the Gnome UI to free up screen real estate)

    A preinstalled netbook solution from a vendor who will provide hardware warranty support is a much better idea.

  30. Personal Data Privacy Says:

    Using Linux on your desktop is a good way to reduce the risk of being a victim of many types of cybercrime. It’s just not as susceptible to malware of all kinds. Getting it pre-installed is helpful to average Internet users who probably wouldn’t know how to install it themselves.

    Linux particularly good for victims of domestic violence who are evading an abuser. We are giving away Ubuntu on corporate cast-off computers in a local program I am leading in the Seattle-area.


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    […] Berkeley Linux Users Group » Blog Archive » Where to Buy a Preinstalled Linux Desktop/Laptop (tags: linux hardware laptop ubuntu shopping desktop Shop software) […]

  32. Nehemiah Says:

    do any of these venders support CoreBoot?

  33. Brian Says:

    If you’re in the southern NH area, my store, Just Works sells systems with Linux pre-installed. Notebooks & netbooks are dual boot w/ Windows and Mandriva Linux. Desktops typically are straight up Mandriva.

  34. Brian Says:

    PS: We include full support with all purchases, but do not currently do mail order.

  35. Greg K Nicholson Says:

    In Europe, EfficientPC:

  36. Windows forever Says:

    Why buy Linux when you can have Microsoft Windows instead, which is superior anyway. :-/

  37. maathieu Says:

    In France, you can buy PCs with Ubuntu Linux installed and certified 100% hardware-compatible here:

  38. A.Lizard Says:

    Windows is indeed a superior environment to run malware in. Someday, there will be million-strong bot networks providing spam and viruses to the world. And every one of those boxes will run Windows.

  39. Graziano Says:

    I have a page about free devices (free software friendly devices that respect your freedom) here:

  40. Stuart Ward Says:


  41. Eliezer Vargas Says:

    I tried to buy a Dell with Ubuntu, but ’cause I live in Puerto Rico I have to buy through Latin America web-site. First The Ubuntu machine (after customized) cost $200 more than the same machine with Vista. I call and argued with a sale representative, and the better he could do was equal the price for the Ubuntu machine as the Vista one. I wasn’t completely satisfied, but I agreed. But after 2 month of delays, it end that the could not send my machine ( no explanations ) and called me to offered me a Vista machine. I decline, of course! So I went to Best Buy and bought an Acer with an Intel chipset that I previously verified that it was a Linux friendly hardware. So I have a Linux machine, that for statistics purpose are a Windows Machine . . .

  42. shengchieh Says:

    Here’s my long list. Some are just listing. And some are alittle dated.


    —– (listing) (plus subdirectories) (commercial; Open Sense Solutions) (commercial; Los Alamos Computers) -> desktops (ommercial; eRacks) (commercial; IBEXPC) (commercial; PEPPER PAD 3) (commercial: Linux Computer Systems) -> Affordable Linux PCs (commercial; MadTux!) (commercial; ALPHAPCSTORE.COM) (commercial; system76) (commercial; Amnet Computers) (commercial; ASA Computers) (commercial; ASL) (commercial; Cosmic Engineering) (commercial; (comercial; Emperor Linux) (commercial; Game PC) (commercial; groovix/open sense solutions) (commercial; Linux Certified) (commercial; Linux Loft) (commercial; R3 Technology) (commercial; SW Technology) (commercial; ZtechServices) (commercial; pogo linux) (commercial; PegasosPPC) (commercial; Angel Computers) (commercial; Aptenix Desktop Solutions) (commercial; (commercial; Terra Soft Solutions) (commercial; Red Seven) (commercial; SCR online) (commercial; Alvio) (commercial; Cosmos Engineering) (commercial; Zonbu; 15W, $99 + 2 years subscription) (commercial; fit-pc; 5W, $285) (commercial: Classmate PC) (commercial; Devon IT; server) (commercial; NorhTec; network) (commercial; ink-media; available in many 3rd world countries – available in US during 2008) (commercial; zareason) (gOS, zonbu & cloudbook) (commercial; Sharp & Tappin Technology Ltd; PicoPC) (commercial; Shuttle (KPC)> (commercial; The Linux Laptop) (commercial; Alpha-400) (LimePC)

  43. Links 25/05/2009: Preinstalled GNU/Linux, KDE 4.3 Previews | All about MICROSOFT Says:

    […] Where to Buy a Preinstalled Linux Desktop/Laptop The hardest part of using Linux is often installing it. Over the last couple of years, Linux has come a long way in terms of hardware support, and these days it is relatively rare that an installation of ubuntu/fedora will be lacking any drivers for your machine. However, installing any OS can still sometimes be a tedious task and one that scares the wits out of the average computer user. And, for the expert users out there, it’s just more fun to buy a computer with Linux already on it and not have to pay the Microsoft tax – even, if you are going to put your favorite distro on it anyway. You can find Linux servers sold all sort of places, but where can you find Linux desktops for sale? Here is a list… […]

  44. robert Says:

    Check out for some fine Linux powered and preinstalled Tablet PC `s..

  45. Thomas Says:

    I purchased a PC with Ubuntu from Puget Systems earlier this year (installed with 8.10). When I booted for the fist time, it had several error messages. I called support, but was informed because they don’t support Ubuntu/Linux. I’m on my own. Bottom line… it you buy their PC, be sure you check all the hardware and be sure it’s supported with Linux because they do not.

  46. Windows forever Says:

    Face the truth, Thomas. You’d better bought a *real* PC, with preinstalled Microsoft Windows. You wouldn’t have had all the trouble and wouldn’t have to bother how to get that damned Linsuxx to work.

    My very personal advice: Return that Linsuxx-crap to Puget and either ask for a full refund or insist on a working machine, with Microsoft Windows!

  47. jdeslip Says:

    And…. we have a troll…

  48. zelrik Says:

    @Windows forever.

    A working machine runs Linux, not Windows.

    My advisor got a high end business laptop with Vista on it, I am sure she paid more for it that she would for a macbook pro. She sent it back to get reimbursed after 1 week, yet she was a Windows fan.
    I got an ASUS U5F laptop (about 3 years old). I had XP on it and tons of issues, mainly the sound randomly crashing. I dumped it and installed Ubuntu on it. Today I am running Linux Mint (that took me 10 minutes to install, which means like 3-5 clicks in total) and will never look back.

  49. OO.o Says:

    I love Free Software and I love Linux.

    But I have to say one thing:
    OpenOffice SUCKS!

    I mean, have you seen the latest Microsoft Office??? If we had something like that on Linux, we’d be set!

    Microsoft Office on both Windows AND the Mac is simply marvelous. And trust me, it hurts me just to say that.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft will never develope software for Linux, so it is up to us to develope a Free office suite that can compare to and compete with Microsoft Office. I know OpenOffice is trying, but Sun is useless and very closed-minded, so they didn’t do much to advance OpenOffice. Oracle now own OpenOffice, but it remains to be seen what their commitment to the advancement of the Free office suite is.

    I really do hope that Open Office thrives, but I also hope others realize that the lack of a Free and advanced office suite that can compete with Microsoft Office is probably one of the greatest weaknesses of the Linux operating environment.

  50. MSFT Says:

    @OO.o – LOL.. I was just reading an article about people like you…
    See it here:

    Freedom the GNU/Linux way!

  51. jdeslip Says:

    Well, I do think there is a lot that could be improved in OpenOffice. So, I doubt OO.o was trolling. It is ready to be used by most people, I think, though.

    Anyway, MSFT, nice site.

  52. GALE BATES Says:





  53. Jason Says:

    I bought an Ubuntu-equipped PC from a place called ShopForLinux ( because they’re close to where I live. It’s a small, low powered Intel Atom computer, and works fine for everyday stuff.

  54. Tim Says:

    Psychsoftpc Linux Workstations, Linux Personal Supercomputers (Tesla), Linux Clusters, Linux Business Class PC’s

  55. Ronnie Whisler Says: (renamed to – A community based PC vendor. Anyone can buy and sell their Linux or BSD computer here at no cost.

  56. grantbow Says:

    Here’s another VAR in Moraga – The owner, Paul Ghysels who resides in Berkeley, is coming to the Berkeley LUG meeting on Sunday for the first time.

  57. A. Dearry Says:

    >There aren’t many, but the body is — like everyone has said — a magnet for fingerprints. The touchpad is also finicky at times. It probably registers about 90% of the time…which can be annoying. It does get a little warm too, but I haven’t had any problems with the fan. Some say it’s loud, but it’s barely audible to me.

    Also, I wish the hard drive were more readily accessible. I imagine you just take the bottom off, but a compartment would be a nice touch. That said, the RAM is very easy to access and upgrade, and it is the most likely culprit. With 160GB, the included hard drive is just fine for me now.


    All in all, this is a great netbook, and I’d recommend it to anyone but Andre the Giant. I have pretty big hands, and it’s not that hard to type…you get used to it. It’s sleek and sexy even with fingerprints, and it’ll keep you entertained for hours if you want to slack off on writing that paper ;)

  58. Piekna dziewczyna Says:

    It’s simple to install Linux distros like Ubuntu or gOS – actually if you can’t do it, Linux is probably not for you.

  59. Shannon VanWagner Says:

    Everybody should at least try the GNU/Linux os. With the bootable Linux livecd, it’s very easy to take Linux for a test run… just pop it into the cd drive, then boot your computer to it. If you’re running something like Ubuntu GNU/Linux, you can then checkout some of the FREE software via the Applications>Ubuntu Software Center – you’ll be amazed at how much is available. If you like Ubuntu, you can reboot to windows and then pop in the Ubuntu cd and install it inside windows (gives an option to select it on bootup). There’s hardly a better way to make your computer run faster, and be safe from malware and malicious activity.

    What you to have to lose? Only your freedom if you don’t try it….
    Oh and here’s another thing… If you need help – just say the word and someone like me will be glad to get you started.

    While you’re thinking about it, checkout some of these sites:
    FREE YOURSELF, Use GNU/LINUX! gnu(dot)org | fsf(dot)org | linux(dot)com | getgnulinux(dot)org | ubuntuguide(dot)org | whylinuxisbetter(dot)net | openoffice(dot)org | humans-enabled(dot)com | ubuntu(dot)com | distrowatch(dot)com | makethemove(dot)net

    Shannon VanWagner

  60. Grantbow Says:

    I think that’s a little unfair. Not everyone cares about computers as much as the readers here. Does anyone have the percentage of users who have never installed their own OS before? I suspect it’s quite high.

  61. Shannon VanWagner Says:

    I think my statement above was incomplete and therefore understandably misunderstood… what I meant to say was that people can TRY Ubuntu GNU/Linux without “installing” it at all. When you boot the Linux LiveCD (in Ubuntu for instance, but with many other distros as well… check distrowatch(dot)com, or livecdlist(dot)com ), it just runs it from the cd and RAM, without installing, changing, or overwriting the existing operating system (e.g., windows) at all.

    So I’m not saying everyone should “install” Linux, I’m just saying that it certainly doesn’t hurt to TRY Linux, which is in fact very easy to do. And by not trying Linux, so many people, yes – even the ones who don’t care about computers, just don’t even realize that they are missing out on an entire Universe of Free and unrestricted software(worth billions of dollars if you calculate how much developer time it took to create it) of all types.

    Just my humble opinion of course… but I have been a user and administrator of different operating systems for computer systems(yes even windows) for over 10 years.

    You see, GNU/Linux and Free Open Source Software (FOSS) are the very representation of computer science as a whole, and I feel that it’s my civic duty to pass on the benefits that I’ve myself found in the science of GNU/Linux as an enabler for humans and technology.

    IMHO… To think that humans are too “stupid” to get involved with(or at the very least explore) the technology they use, benefit, and rely on is a gross insult to human intelligence. And if such statements about people being too “stupid” to use technology were true, there’s no way we would be seeing people of all ages and backgrounds, walking around talking on cell phones (and using sms for txt messaging).

    The stupid user model is out.. The creative and technology enabled humans are in.. The GNU/Linux of today is easier to use than ever, and it continues to get even better, at a very, very rapid pace.

    So there’s my 2 cents… Oh and please don’t be offended by my passion-enthused responses.
    Shannon VanWagner

  62. Myrle Ivancich Says:

    AT&T definitely has hold of the market with the iPhone and that’s what SHOULD be looked at…not Apple. Do you reckon Apple genuinely worries whether Google offers Google Voice on its platform…. as long as individuals are purchasing their telephones – and they’re purchasing these life-changing gimmicks! I enjoy mine! The missed calls are one too many (AT&T), but the telephone is astonishing! One thing I wish it would have got is Flash to play videos from certain internet sites!

  63. Ink Says:

    Dell doesn’t do a great job of supporting Linux. You probably realise this now that X doesn’t work. I actually got a Dell laptop that didn’t even work out of the box. The particular configuration wasn’t tested that I ordered and I couldn’t even login with it. Physically the hardware worked too. I went through several techs before being told they don’t support Linux and being directed to Canonical. Then I founded out Canonical doesn’t offer support on the weekends so I’d have to wait till Monday. At
    which point I found out hoe expensive it was and returned the Dell laptop.

    EmperorLinux systems come with problems out of the box too. Although I did not experience anything that made me return it. Just the hard drive was very very slow (it had nothing to do with the physical drive) and the DVD writer never burned a disc successfully. It was a few years before any of this was resolved.

    If there was another company I’d want to check out it is ZaReason. I suspect the systems might be good systems for Linux although there is a lack of information for me to verify that. I’m pretty confident the support isn’t great either. I have emailed them before about a purchase got no response. I don’t see a phone number to call either.

    I have had good experience with LinuxCertified in terms of things working well although the quality was sub-optimal and the service wasn’t good at all. I would be the laptop worked out of coincidence than anything. I suspect if I bought another I might find issues. They don’t seem to be knowledgeable about the chipsets or understand free software issues.

    I bought a laptop recently from the newest player on the block that works great, has smart people running the show, and has excellent support services,. Not to mention the company supports free software. As far as I can tell of the others don’t understand the technical issues presented by non-free software. I don’t want to have to manually install drivers or replace devices that lose support from the manufacturer.

  64. Ink Says:

    Forgot to mention the company I will be purchasing from again which I really liked:

  65. Laptop Linux Preinstalled | Länkkatalogen Says:

    […] Berkeley Linux Users Group » Blog Archive » Where to Buy a Preinstalled Linux Desktop / … […]

  66. Netbook James Says:

    Howdy, just reading through some old posts and I really do love this one. Sorry for being so late =0)

  67. Shannon VanWagner Says:

    You should dump dell off the list because the link doesn’t work in the USA anymore. Dell is reportedly selling Ubuntu in China ( ) but their blatant blockage of the Universal Operating System GNU/Linux to the USA customer base should be punished.

    Down with the lock-in to windows already!

  68. John Says:

    I am looking at laptops. I had pointed a number of my customers to Dell for GNU/Linux laptops when they were shipping them in the US. It was a nightmare. While there are some Dell systems which run ok with GNU/Linux they don’t ship those systems with GNU/Linux. I had iffy experience with every company I’ve done business with although I’d agree with Ink.I’d rather go with a company like ThinkPenguin who at least makes an effort. Even if not everything is perfect I’ll at least know there is more of an being done to improve support for free software.

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    I presume this helped me sort something out in my head.

  70. Marlena Valant Says:

    I have to say that for the last couple of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this website. Keep up the great work.

  71. grantbow Says:

    Thanks Marlena!

  72. Zoila Boker Says:

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  73. Andrew Webb Says: – Ubuntu and no-OS desktops

  74. Andrew Webb Says:

    I’m posting again because the range has expanded.

    Provides desktops with Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, Debian, and without an OS.

  75. Clyde Says:

    It’s not an official Samsung product but has plenty to recommend it to those people. 5mm audio headphone socket located on the back of the 7. The mini version of the Blackberry Tab, an Android-powered tablet computerwith a 7-inch capacitive touch screen with features like flash for low light in some areas. Operation of this handset which incorporates 7. If you’re paranoid about getting your blackberry device? Nomura Financial Investment in Seoul forecasts that Samsung will revert to the bad old days of cavernous gaps between press events and in-store availability.

  76. grantbow Says:

    This page seems to consistently get the most hits on our entire site.

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    This web site certainly has all of the info I wanted about this subject and
    didn’t know who to ask.

  78. grantbow Says:

    This article was written in 2009. I’ll email Jack asking for an update.

  79. Lydia Says:

    Those people who are red flagged as bad credit holders finds it very tough when seeking for this option. Before your data are transferred from your computer to the storage provider’s server , they are first encrypted( converted to a form that no person can read or view them ). Every country has got its own rules and regulations, when it comes to recycling the laptops.

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